The Revenge of Kaivalya

The Revenge of Kaivalya, Sumana Khan

Set in the exotic Western Ghats forest around Bisle, Kukke and Sakleshpura, the story traces unusual and terrifying events that unfold.

Sumana initially self-published Kaivalya with CinnamonTeal. Two years later in 2013, it was traditionally published by Westland. The Revenge of Kaivalya is Sumana's debut novel.

Encounters - Someone's Always Waiting

Encounters, Someone's always waiting, Sumana Khan

Encounters is a collection of five quirky stories, bordering on paranormal and fantasy fiction genres. All stories are set in South India - Bengaluru and H.D. Kote in Karnataka and further south along the Tamil Nadu/Pondicherry coasts around Karaikal. The stories follow the lives of five ordinary protagonists in the aftermath of mysterious encounters.

Encounters is published by CinnamonTeal. 


Satyavati, Sumana Khan

Satyavati was a draft for many years, before finding its shape thanks to Juggernaut's short story contest of 2016, with a generous word limit of 10K. Although it did not win, Satyavati went on to become the Editor's Pick of the week from the Juggernaut's writing platform and landed a contract.

Satyavati is a love story set in rural Karnataka during the Emergency and traces the coming-of-age journey of the gritty, eponymous protagonist.